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This site is operated by SHS plus GmbH.

SHS plus GmbH is concerned with increasing quality, productivity and efficiency with an exclusive focus on the plastics processing industry. SHS offers solutions from the four business units Consulting, Software, Technology and Virtual Assistance Systems.

In the area of consulting, SHS acts as a troubleshooter and solves problems that arise in plastics processing companies. Typical problems include issues that affect quality or productivity, such as die drool, sheet travel, specks, shrinkage, streaks, blowholes, vacuoles, piston rings, flatness and many other problems in injection moulding, extrusion or other plastics processing methods.

In the Technology business area, SHS primarily focuses on the development of control and automation solutions as well as communication options for machines (M2M). SHS relies both on commercial control systems and on its own product solutions such as plusMETER/plusWARE® process data acquisition.

The simulation software chillWARE® allows the complete thermodynamic simulation of almost any extrusion process and thus the calculation of phenomena such as residual stresses, degree of crystallization, temperature distribution or the tendency to deform extruded products and is used internationally by plastics processors and machine manufacturers. The plastics processor named the simulation software Product of the Year twice in a row (2016 and 2017, 2nd place each).

In the combination of the business fields consulting, simulation and technology, SHS combines all competences necessary for the further development of plastics processing towards industry 4.0 and virtual assistance. We implement the necessary methods in individual software systems and thus arrive at our unique virtual assistance systems for plastics processing.

SHS has more than 10 years of experience in the above-mentioned areas and can boast numerous well-known references.

On this website we would like to provide plastics processing companies with free and non-binding information on how production processes can be optimized and how product quality can be increased.

To this end, we will publish articles at regular intervals that provide an insight into our diverse problem-solving projects.

In addition, our premium area provides tools, checklists and additional documents that will help you analyze or solve production problems.

We would be very pleased if you would follow our contributions, share, forward or comment on them.

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