Checklist – What to do in times of low production capacity utilization?

In many companies there are situations in which the production capacity utilisation is extremely reduced, whether due to economic or seasonal fluctuations or extraordinary events.

In such times, it is advisable to get things done that often cannot be done in the normal production routine due to time constraints and therefore often fall through.

In our free premium area, you will find a clearly arranged checklist that provides suggestions for useful activities from a total of ten areas:

  1. Cleanliness, safety & order in the company
  2. Extended maintenance and servicing
  3. Improvement of communication in the company – Focus: Office
  4. Realization of digital working environments, home office solutions and cloud
  5. Improvement of communication within the company – focus: production
  6. Possibilities for improvement in the organisation and conduct of meetings
  7. Possibilities for improvement in production planning
  8. Possibilities for improvement in employee qualification
  9. Possibilities for improvement in production
  10. Energy Monitoring

In our free Premium Area you can download the 13-page Word document as a checklist.

Our recommendation: Simply go through the list in a team of production planners, plant managers, managing directors or with shift supervisors and maintenance managers and delegate the processing of the list to different people in the company. The Word document is not protected and you can freely change or adapt it. You should therefore use the points listed as suggestions and check yourself and individually whether these points are appropriate and relevant in your company.

You are also welcome to send us additions to the list and we will be happy to include them in the document.

Register here (free of charge) as a premium member and get access to our download area. There you will find various tools and checklists. In addition, as a premium user you will always be informed about new contributions.

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