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Aid offered by SHS plus GmbH for companies in the plastics industry

SHS plus GmbH puts together Corona aid package for companies in the plastics industry

SHS plus GmbH from Dinslaken decides to offer Corona assistance to companies in the plastics industry. Companies in the plastics industry can now access the services of SHS plus GmbH as part of the “SHS Corona Help” programme and receive (liquidity neutral) competent support from various areas of the SHS plus GmbH portfolio.

“We are part of the plastics processing industry and the industry is our home. We would like to make our contribution with this aid programme and “work together” with our customers, the manufacturing companies. Many companies are manufacturers of vital products from the medical technology or food industry. In the current situation it is important to strengthen these companies and to maintain their production capability – but our offer is directed at all plastics processing companies.

We are prepared to discuss any kind of assistance individually and to consider together whether we can offer a solution. Even if it is not in our standard portfolio, we are prepared to find an unconventional solution if we believe we can make a qualitative contribution to it.



What does the SHS Corona aid package look like in terms of content?

For many years, SHS has been offering a consultancy programme for companies in the plastics industry, the so-called “polymerPARTNER” programme. Within the framework of this service cooperation, the employees of SHS are available to the respective partner for any question that is within the typical field of activity of SHS. We act for the partner as an “external department” which can take care of any questions if necessary. The type of cooperation in this partner program is similar to the cooperation with a lawyer or a tax consultant (service on demand) – only in the technical area.

Within the framework of SHS Corona Help we offer a similar form of cooperation, but with a focus on issues that can make a positive contribution to the current business situation in times of crisis or for the period immediately after the crisis.

For all questions arising in this context, we are at your disposal as contact partners. Just call us or let us make an appointment for a web or video conference and we will discuss the problem, work out solutions for you, involve people from our large network, present our results to you or we will meet with you on site and support you live.

As part of the Corona support package, we are also happy to discuss additional individual services with you and consider together with you whether we can offer a solution.


Which requirements do I have to meet to take advantage of the SHS Corona Support Package?

The SHS Corona Support Package is aimed at companies from the entire plastics industry, regardless of company size or product portfolio. Entry to the programme is initially limited until 01.05.2020. An extension of the entry possibilities will be decided depending on the development of the situation and the capacities available at SHS.


Who checks the contents and decides whether the programme can be taken up?

SHS plus GmbH is solely responsible for checking the facts of the case and there is no legal claim to the granting of SHS Corona Assistance. This is in no way a state or other official aid, but exclusively a private sector offer of support by SHS plus GmbH. In this respect, the decision lies exclusively with SHS.

We can assure you, however, that the intention to help was the goal when the programme was initiated. So if we see a possibility to help – and if this help is within the scope of our personnel, professional and financial possibilities – we are happy to offer this support.


What are the conditions for the SHS Corona aid program?

Within the framework of the SHS Corona Aid Package, SHS plus GmbH grants partners liquidity support in the form of a 15% discount on the consulting fee. In addition, SHS grants the partner an interest-free deferral of the otherwise monthly fees for a period of up to 10 months. At the end of this interest-free deferral period, the company undertakes to pay the outstanding fees either in a one-time payment or in a monthly installment (maximum within twice the period of use of the program; e.g. 3 months Coronahelp -> 6 months repayment period).

If the partner is in danger of insolvency, he is obliged to inform SHS immediately!

The above conditions refer exclusively to services provided by SHS within the scope of SHS Corona Assistance. If travel expenses are incurred within the scope of the projects or if hardware, software products or other goods are required, corresponding services will be invoiced as usual.

Processing, bureaucracy and regulations regarding confidentiality

Interested companies should contact Dr. Kenny Saul by phone or e-mail (e-mail: / phone: +49 2064 970 93 71) to discuss the individual question. If the discussed topic is eligible for SHS Corona Assistance, we will send you our standard service contract for the use of the program as well as our standard confidentiality agreement after the interview. Please note that we can only use our own contracts and our own non-disclosure agreements within the framework of this programme and cannot examine and enter into the individual conditions of the partner for each type of cooperation.


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